ALLA VATC is a popular russian bellydancer and dance instructor, one of the leading teachers at “Arabesque” Oriental Dance Studio at St. Petersburg. Alla is the first runner-up at Miss Bellydance St. Petersburg beauty pageant & dance competition, the winner and runner-up of many and various national and international dance competitions including Cairo Mirage Festival (Moscow) and Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival’s Winter Teachers Course (Cairo). Alla is the founder and organizer of Cairo Stars Festival in China. Three times she has attended internationally recognized Teachers’ Training Course annually held by Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo. Alla teaches workshops in Russia, China, Colombia, Egypt, Belarus and many more. Since 2014  Alla is one of the master teacher at Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in (Cairo), the biggest festival in the world of Belly dance. Also, she is an official representative of Belly Dance Teachers & Dancers International Union “CAIRO MIRAGE BELLYDANCE UNION” in Shanghai China. She is Fluent in 3 languages:  Russian, English, and Chinese (Mandarin).  Among her Championship awards are:

– St. Petersburg Open Championship 2010 1st place oriental amateurs

– Northern Palmira Open Championship 2011 – 2nd place

– 1001 white night championship – 2011 – 2nd place oriental

– 1001 white night championship – 2011 – 1st place, Folklore

– Nile Neva festival -2011 – 1st place

– Assembly festival 2010- 2nd place, nomination Tarab

– Cairo Mirage festival 2010 – 1st place – Oriental

– Assembly festival 2011 – 2nd place in the nomination Tarab, 3rd place in the category of live tabla

– Al-Salam festival 2011 – 3rd place oriental professionals

-2012 Tariq El Nougoum Festival 1 place oriental

– Al-Salam festival  2012 – 2nd place oriental professionals

– Al-Salam festival 2012 – 1st place solo tabla solo + baladi

– Raqia Hassan’s Cup 2012 – 1st place in the category tabla solo + baladi

– 2012 Ligue of professionals – 1st place in the category tabla solo and 2 place in the modern song

– Bellydance Festival Reves d’Orient, Morocco in 2012 2nd place – oriental professionals

– 2013 Neva Nile Festival 1st place professionals (category folklore, oriental, baladi improvisation)

– Raqia Hassan’s Cup festival 2013 – 3rd place in the category baladi + tabla solo

– Raqia Hassan’s Cup 2013 1st place for oriental professionals Orchestra

– Ahlan Wa Sahlan festival teachers curs 2013 1st place