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Got a Question that needs to be answered before attending MBC Festival? Below you have all the  A’s to your Q’s 

Do you have a question that is not covered below?

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    • I am a beginner student can I attend this event? Yes you can! This is a weekend event offering classes and shows for all belly dance lovers, you will have a blast and learn a lot! If you are just starting or already dancing for a while this is the event for every belly dance student and professional.
    • What is the Best Option for someone who wants to take advantage of everything the MBC has to offer? Definitely become a VIP !! You would love the VIP treatment and the awesomeness this event got to offer. You will have access to ALL THE WORKSHOPS AND SHOWS, first time entrance, no lines,  a signed certificate by all instructors, and so much more! Get the VIP status NOW
  • When purchasing a VIP  for the MBC will I get anything in the mail?   When purchasing a VIP pass your name will be saved in our automatic system. You will not receive a ticket in the mail or any other type of notification besides the PAY-PAL receipt. Make sure to save this receipt for your records.
    • How would I be identify as a VIP member during that weekend?  You will receive a GOLD bracelet at the door on the first day of the event. Please make sure to have your identification card and/or passport, plus your PAY-PAL receipt with you when you arrive to our registration tables.
    • I already purchased a VIP pass do I have to pick the workshops I will like to attend in advanced? You do not have to send us your class choices in advanced, YOU ARE VIP BABY!! You are allowed to enter all of the classes available in the class schedule online.You are not obligated to take all of the classes in the schedule but because you are VIP you can! Once you arrive make sure to go to the registration table so we can direct you to the classes you want to take.
    • Can I purchase only one or two classes instead of the entire weekend pass?  Yes you can !!! You can check our workshop page here in our website and choose each individual class you will like to purchase. Your name will be saved in our automatic system and YOU ARE IN!  Make sure to have your identification card ready for us to verify your participation in that particular class.
    • What if I only want to attend the evening Gala Shows?  You are also welcome to only come and watch the evening shows. You can purchase each ticket for the shows individually in our ticket page here in our website. Your name will be saved in our automatic system and YOU ARE IN! Once you arrive, go to the registration table and make sure to have your identification card ready for us to match your name with the amount of tickets purchased.
    • I really want to be there but the ticket prices are TOO EXPENSIVE what should I do? Ok, deep breath. it’s time for you to remove the phrase “too expensive” from your vocabulary. You can replace “too expensive” with “not a priority” (totally valid) or “not what I need” (fair enough).
    • What If I bought a ticket or a pass but I cannot make it? MBC tickets and passes are non-refundable, but fully transferable. In other words: if you can’t attend, send a friend. Or, sell your ticket to some one else (we’ll happily switch the name on our guest list) or donate it to an aspiring dancer. Tickets, passes, and services purchased at the MBC can only be transferable and use within the same year of purchase, no passes or tickets will be transfer from one year to another.
    • I am not performing but would like to purchase the performers pass Can I do that? Before purchasing your pass you must be approved by the MBC Staff to perform in the evening gala shows before our deadline of August 1st. If you are not a confirmed performer you are not allow to use the performer’s pass as one of the admissions.
    • I am coming from out of town so i want to know if the hotel accommodations  are included with the VIP PASS?  No it’s NOT! You must make your own reservation at the Intercontinental Hotel from our block of rooms (which has a reduced rate) just go to the VENUE page in this website and make your reservations online or by calling the number provided in that page.


Few More Things to Know:
  • There will be no smoking in competition, backstage or dressing areas
  • Please keep all areas clean, especially restrooms and dressing areas.
  •  For the safety of all, keep aisles and stairwells clear and do not block emergency exits
  • Misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated as determined by onsite director or venue management. Infractions may result in immediate removal of the venue.
  • Dressing area space must be shared by all dancers & competitors. No dressing space will be assigned to individual organizations unless designated by MBC Festival.
  • Any person(s) who damages venue property either inside or outside, by either misuse or abuse will be asked to leave the venue and disqualify from competition or performance. Any person(s) who causes damage as mentioned, assumes full financial responsibility for repair, replacement and/or restitution
  • Upon registration, the MBC Festival gains all production rights. The unlimited rights applies to all filming and photography from the competitions, and gala shows, which can, in every respect, be transmitted per whatever media form (particularly per TV broadcasts as well as video media and online, via on-demand-services) and other interactive usages.The number of participants and dances are, in principle, not limited. It is recommended, however, that the schools/organizations register as soon as possible, as the Miami Bellydance Convention has the right to reject late registrations if there are an excessive number of entries.


Any complaint/objection relating to the Festival must be submitted in writing to the Festival Chairperson for consideration by the committee if necessary. The decision of the committee on all matters arising, or not specifically covered in these regulations is final.

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