For the past few days I have been watching through all of your videos submissions to win a FREE VIP pass for the 2012 Miami Bellydance Convention. 
The reason I titled this e-mail Thank You is because, well, I seriously do.
I cannot express to you enough how much appreciation I feel for all of you that submitted your videos and how much your story inspires me. It was very hard to pick only 10 VIP passes, and I assure you that if I could give these passes to everyone I seriously would, because all of your videos were simply AMAZING!
When my fiance and I brainstormed  the idea of giving these passes away, I experienced so many feelings and emotions inside… fear, happiness, and even doubt went through my mind. However, after seeing how much you can impact the life of others with just a simple small act of kindness, I don’t regret giving these passes away at all.  As of matter of fact, you have inspired me to continue to do bigger things for the belly dance community so THANK YOU! As you know, I am very passionate about producing the Miami Bellydance Convention, and each year I put my heart and soul on this event. I do sincerely hope you’ll join us for it. But if, for whatever reason this is not the right event for you, know that I am still supporting your dreams and goals with your dancing and will continue to provide as much education as possible for you to grow!
I have to be honest, choosing the winners of these free vip passes was extremely hard, but I had to make my choices, and I DID!!
  1. Maria Esther  (Colombia)
  2. Devie Bheem (Trinidad)
  3. Danelle (Pennsylvania)
  4. Triana Lopez (Mexico)
  5. Francia Urbina (Miami-FL)
  6. Lacey Williams (Texas)
  7. Nicole Castellano (Miami-FL)
  8. Cherrelle Davis (NYC)
  9. Danielle Robinson (Pensacola-FL)
  10. Johanna De Jesus (NYC)
Please take a moment to share your congratulations by commenting in the comment box below!
Once again Thank you if you submitted a video and for sharing your heart and vision with us and the world!
Loads of Love,

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