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Dance & Wellness for every women

Monthly Belly Dance Hafla!

Join Me and the South Florida Belly Dance community as we get together once a month for our famous Belly Dance Hafla!  (Hafla is a small, low-key social gathering centered around bellydancing and food. May include costume vendors and live music. It is also an opportunity to provide students with a low-stakes arena in which…
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New Workshops & Classes

Every day I ask myself how can I help more people achieve their goals & dreams, and believe it or not pushing to achieve my Dreams makes me want to help you get to yours. Therefore, the past few months I’ve being talking to my students about what they want and how can I help…
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Belly Dance Classes & Events

January Classes & Events.  The Belly-Fit Experience with Nathalie  Beautiful Belly! Dance off the belly Fat in this belly-fit experience class with Nathalie! This class is an amazing way to slim & sculpt the body keeping that feminine look that all girls want. Loose weight like Dancing with the Stars celebrities did! Did you know…
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21 Day Belly Dance Program

“…Because Isn’t It Time To Take Care of YOU?” Give us just 21 days and we’ll get you moving those hips, your body, and put you on the fastest track to learning proper belly dance technique that will make your body toned, and make you feel terrific without gimmicks! With only a month away from the Holidays and the New Year,…
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Nathalie’s Belly Dance Technique

Shaping the Future of Dance!  Nathalie was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in February 1983. She began her dance training at the young age of 4. Nathalie studied ballet, jazz, tango, Argentinean Folk, Flamenco, and ice skating. From an early age, Nathalie found her passion among artists, music, and dance. She found herself delighted by…
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30 Day Dance Challenge

Be a Better Dancer… Guaranteed! “Discover the feeling of natural dancing, the dancing that feels effortless and easy”  If you want to become a better dancer, learn how to implement all movements learned in your belly dance classes, create your own choreography, prevent injury, and set a new standard in your dance, then you must…
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Free Workout

Hello there, For the past 9 months I have been showing you my progress and decisions to live a healthy life style! I have had the opportunity to learn the ways of working out effectively and eat the right way to create the results I wanted. I entered a fitness competition and worked hard for…
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Extra Bonus Video

Hello There, I hope you are starting your morning in a very positive way, I can’t believe it is already Thursday, first week back to school for the kids and I am sure you have been super busy trying to adapt to the traffic in the streets and get back on track with everything you…
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Learn How to Belly Dance

Hello, Imagine this scenario, you are watching your favorite belly dancer in You Tube, you are dreaming about moving, feeling, and looking like her but you just too shy or busy to make your dream come true… Let me explain where I’m going with this… My goal is to help as many students, dance lovers,…
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Dancing the Pain Away

Chris Cade Says: Dancing is a physical expression of the body by showing one’s joy, happiness or of a given emotion. Some dance for money and other dance generally because their emotion is excited. The question is that, why can’t we dance when we get sad? The second question derives from the first: CAN DANCING CURE…
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