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Dance & Wellness for every women

About Us

 Welcome! I’m Nathalie owner & Founder of Dreams Bellydance Academy!

My Goal is to help you achieve right technique with your dancing…Translation: I’m here to  make you the dancer you always dreamed to be.

Whether your intention of study is to become a professional belly dancer and/or instructor you will be introduced to a new world of thinking, feeling, and moving. Here at DreamsBellydance Academy we make dancers one dream at a time, so get ready to believe, dance, and have a blast because everything is possible!!

Before we go further about my school let’s talk about technique shall we?

Because the belly dance technique that I’m talking about, it is not the one that you show up in a class room and follow the teacher steps, feel good that you had a workout, go home and stay in the same level of dancing. Oh no! The technique I’m talking about is the one that I will provide for you so that you can achieve your ultimate dancing goals. The one where you will finally feel that you are moving forward with your dancing and finally seeing PROGRESS!  

If you have never stepped into a dance studio before or have no “Rhythm”, no worries! I will encourage you to dream BIG, I will provide you all the technique you need for you see results. Because in my studio everything is possible if you commit to it! 

I will always encourage you, guide you through it every step of the way, and provide all the knowledge I have to help you achieve your goals. I am not claiming to be perfect or know it all,  but my commitment to my students is to always help them and give them as much as I can. Expect from me nothing but always an honest advice and answer to your questions and concerns.

I’m here to walk you through this and I already BELIEVE IN YOU!

y experience at Dreams Belly Dance has been absolutely amazing, Nathalie has inspired me in dancing and in every aspect of life. I am more dedicated and I feel more confident about myself. Nathalie is the best dance instructor and teacher ever! Everyone at DBA is so welcoming and loving! Thank you Nathalie so much for everything! You inspire me! Valentina Giraldo-  (Former Student of Dreamsbellydance Academy)

Nathalie, thank you for helping me to achieve my dreams and for being professional and at the same time supportive and caring with everyone, you have inspired me so much in so many ways, I am learning so much from you. That’s why I am your NUMBER 1 Fan! Jhonnela Flores- (Former student of Dreamsbellydance Academy)

Wow! Love taking classes here! Nathalie is truly talented not only as a dancer and performer but also as a teacher. This is very important because not all great dancers make great teachers, but Nathalie’s surely got it! She is very pleasant & patient with all students and teaches proper and safe dancing technique (I truly thank her for keeping my body pain-free!=) And on top of that I get my cardio, toning and dance styling (as well as socializing with the girls:) all in one stop! Also, Nathalie is super nice, professional and OMG! loads of Fun! I totally recommend this studio to everyone, experienced with belly dance or even if you’ve never taken any belly dance before (don’t worry, you’ll learn everything u need to learn here). (Olga Gutierrez- Former Student of Dreamsbellydance Academy)

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