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New Workshops & Classes

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New Workshops & Classes

Every day I ask myself how can I help more people achieve their goals & dreams, and believe it or not pushing to achieve my Dreams makes me want to help you get to yours. Therefore, the past few months I’ve being talking to my students about what they want and how can I help them. I’ve listened to their feedbacks and I am moving forward to bring new classes and workshops for all of you.

Finally Here’s My New Classes & Courses! 


Imagine to being able to move your body with grace and confidence. Learning how to belly dance will provide confidence and give you the ultimate feeling you are looking for.

I’ve created this belly dance crash courses for anyone interested in learning how to belly dance and progressing into mastering the steps learned with fluidity and precision.

My belly dance Crash course consist in learning and polishing new technique every 4 weeks! This course will provide a step-by-step learning environment in an easy to follow format. This course will also focus on polishing your technique as you continue progressing every 4 weeks. Learn to isolate, drill, and travel with your steps as you learn how to belly dance and perfect your technique in a crash course format.

I’ve being teaching for 14 years and this stuff really WORKS! Believe me there’s nothing else better than focusing on polishing technique, improving posture, and learning how to train your body with muscle memory. Open to beginners and Intermediate level students! 

The first 4 week belly dance crash course will start this Saturday November 8th 12pm-1pm – Limited to 10 students! Course will end on Saturday November 29th!


Belly Kids Class with Miss Nathalie is Back!! 

Finally the long awaited!! 

I am finally adding my belly kids class to my schedule and I am so excited to see the little ones again!

If your daughter is eager to learn how to dance, belly dancing will provide a safe way of building confidence and self esteem, have fun and learn how to dance in a disciplined but yet fun environment for your little one.

My classes provide the young students a way of expressing themselves through dancing and learn a new art form that will make them feel so good while doing it. Belly dancing is also a great form of exercise. It helps the little ones stay active but still have fun in the process.

My classes are open to Little dancers from ages 5-11 years old . 

Kids Classes are by Pre Registration ONLY! Please Call (954)600-4478


 – For information contact me at (954)600-4478 

The Easiest & Most Effective Way to Learn How to Bellydance!

Step by step ONLINE belly dance personalize instruction program in an easy to follow format!  Dancers who want to improve their technique, posture, stage presence, learn to master their steps on the stage, and grow in their dance, will find this program absolutely interesting!

The most jam-packed and intensive belly dance course you will ever experience. One on One ONLINE coaching to improve your dancing and master your technique.

My online coaching program will provide

3 Videos per month with technique combinations and understanding of rhythms.

1 Video call per month to help you with corrections and any questions you may have for me.

I can help you create your own choreography and find the right combination of steps and music to enhance your dancing.

One one on one coaching advices directly from me! Don’t make the mistakes that could affect your career in the long run, get a coaching advices from the experts! You don’t have to figure this things out on your own!

Email me if you are interested in this program!