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Belly Dance Classes & Events

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Belly Dance Classes & Events

January Classes & Events. 

The Belly-Fit Experience with Nathalie 

Beautiful Belly! Dance off the belly Fat in this belly-fit experience class with Nathalie! This class is an amazing way to slim & sculpt the body keeping that feminine look that all girls want. Loose weight like Dancing with the Stars celebrities did! Did you know that with belly dancing you can burn up to 385 calories per class? Getting fit has never been so much fun! This is a 45 min Belly Dance Cardio Workout class to dance off that unwanted belly fat and firm up the body!  We are pre-registering students for the NEW YEAR!

The first 15 people to sign up will receive a complimentary gift! 

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  • Every Mondays at 5:30pm
  • Every Saturdays at 12:30pm 

New Belly Dance Level Courses with Nathalie & Annemarie 


  • 6:30pm Level 5 (Nathalie)
  • 7:30pm Member’s Review Level Class (Nathalie)


  • 6:30pm Level 4B- (Annemarie)
  • 7:30pm Level 2A  (Nathalie)
  • 8:30pm Level 3A (Annemarie)


  • 6;30pm level 4B (Annemarie)
  • 7:30pm Level 1  (Nathalie)
  • 8:30pm Level 2B Choreography Course (Annemarie)


  • 6:30pm Level 5 (Nathalie)
  • 7:30pm Member’s Review Level Class (Annemarie)
  • 8:30pm Level 3A  (Annemarie)

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New Specialty Class with Nathalie (Balancing the Sword) 

This specialty class is a two hour class for the student that will like to polish, improve, and or expand their vocabulary in the art of belly dance. For the month of January we are going to be working on understanding the importance of body posture, learning and improving  balance, as well as using the sword for body and mind expression. We are going to learn how to balance the sword, proper balancing technique, exercises to build strength, and  a dance combination that you can use at home to practice. Hand outs will be provided at the beginning of class. It is recommended to bring knee pads and a head band. Swords will be available for purchase at the studio.

  • Sunday January 13th 12pm-
  • Drop-in Class: $25.00 (90-pminute class) 

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New Training Team Performance Classes with Nathalie (Advanced Students Only) 

The training team classes are available to advanced students only! In these classes students will learn a series of new choreographies, proper performance technique. enhance prop use, stage presence, timing, costuming, and creativity. Nathalie will teach new technique each week to help students enhance their performance ability. We will work with floor work, foot work, veils, finger Cymbals, wings, swords, and fusion dances. This class is for the student that wants to perform in public and increase their technical abilities to dance on stage. It is open to advanced level students only.

We are pre-registering students for the NEW YEAR, the first 15 people to register will receive FREE coaching session and a CD with Nathalie’s favorite music.

  • Starting Saturday January 5th 1:30pm
  • Membership Auto-pay: $160.00 per month 
  • Non-member: $185.00 per month 

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Belly KIDS Classes with Nathalie 

These classes are intended to help our little princesses develop a sense of awareness in their mind, body, and soul. Nathalie’s classes are a great way to teach young girls how to feel extremely happy and good through dance & exercise. We help young students understand the meaning of health and fitness. We encourage our students to use dance as a form of FUN, EXERCISE, AND HEALTHY LIVING ! We teach culture and musicality, we allow the students to learn how to express themselves through dance, by allowing the mind and body to move as one! Our young participants love miss Nathalie and love this class! Performances are always a priority in the belly kids classes, the students have the opportunity to perform throughout the year a series of routines that they learn in class.

We are pre-registering young students right now for January! First 10 students to register will receive a coin belt to use in class!

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  • Thursdays 5:30pm (Ages 4-8) 
  • Saturdays 11:30am (Ages 9-12) 

Teacher’s Training Course with Nathalie 

Live your life with passion by doing what you love, learn how to give to your students great content so that they continue coming back to you. Learn the art of teaching and share your passion with the world! This course is intended to help professional dancer and/or advanced students that have just started teaching and or have been teaching for a while. This course will help everyone who wants to teach and pursue a career through dancing. How do you keep your students? How do you teach great content? How do you deal with competition? How you prepare new classes and new material each week? How to take control over your class room and deal with students that are disrespectful or don’t pay attention? How to structure your classes so that everyone in the class room moves at the same pace? How to find great music and where to find it?  How to teach someone who has no rhythm or never dance before in their lives, what to do & say to make those students love you forever!! This and more are some of the topics that Nathalie will cover on the teacher’s training course. This course will only happen twice a year. This is a powerful course for any professional dancer and or advanced student that will like to pursue dance on the side or as a main full time job. Give yourself the gift of teaching and share with the world your passion for dance. Be the light in your class room and receive light from your students.  Certification of completion signed by Nathalie will be provided at the end of the course.

  • Sunday February 3rd 12-4pm
  • Price: $257.00 for the entire course (4 hours of instruction)

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