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Nathalie’s Belly Dance Technique

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Nathalie’s Belly Dance Technique

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Nathalie was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in February 1983. She began her dance training at the young age of 4. Nathalie studied ballet, jazz, tango, Argentinean Folk, Flamenco, and ice skating. From an early age, Nathalie found her passion among artists, music, and dance. She found herself delighted by Middle Eastern dance and culture at the age of 14, while attending the number one school of Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Becoming a well-rounded and gifted dancer, Nathalie is known for her grace, fluidity and precision. At the age of 16 she decided to move to the United State to pursue her dance career.

When Belly Dance Came to Argentina

In the 16th Century, Spanish settlers colonized Argentina, bringing with them aspects of culture including dancers of the Flamenco and belly dance styles. It wasn’t until the Arab immigration during the 19th Century that belly dancing in its purest form was introduced to Argentina. By 1920, almost half a million Arab immigrants put down roots in Argentina and began to influence the culture of their society.

Who Brought Belly Dance to Argentina

Although dancers may have been brought as entertainment during the earlier days of colonization by Spanish conquistadors, it wasn’t until Arab immigrants left their homes in Syria and Lebanon during the 19th Century that belly dancing arrived in Argentina. Belly dance is historically an Arab dance typically performed during celebrations. Dancing allowed Arab immigrants to preserve their culture and so the traditions of belly dance were passed down through the family.

How Belly Dance Developed in Argentina

Originally a familial tradition not taught in schools, but passed down through the generations, it was only in the late 20th Century that Amir Thaleb, an Argentine born Syrian, pioneered belly dance for inclusion in dance schools previously dedicated to styles like Argentine Tango. Unlike the original dances of Arabia, the Argentine belly dance is more theatrical, uses more of the stage and is focused more on technique, rather than feeling. Argentine belly dance is recognized internationally as a unique style.

Buenos Aires is amongst the top ranks worldwide concerning the offers for modern and contemporary belly dance. Hardly any other city has such a vivid scene for dance and physical training.

Nathalie Offers this belly dance technique in her Open Format Technique classes every Saturdays at 11:30am – This class is Open to all levels of Dance as an option to learn, polish, or incorporate Nathalie’s belly dance technique style that originates from Buenos Aires Argentina. 

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