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Free Workout

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Free Workout

Hello there,

For the past 9 months I have been showing you my progress and decisions to live a healthy life style! I have had the opportunity to learn the ways of working out effectively and eat the right way to create the results I wanted. I entered a fitness competition and worked hard for nine months, this defnitely kept me going. With my daily training and healthy eating I always seek ways of staying motivated and focus, I started posting my progress and daily motivations in my facebook and twitter page, this is a new passion that I developed and I am very happy with. Needless to say having a fiancee who is a personal trainer  for 18 years make things a lot less complicated, because I get the answers to my questions 24/7 .

My healthy eating and body transformation seemed to inspired others to do the same, people started to email me questions and told me that my transformation helped them to loose weight and stay motivated. I love to hear that somehow my transformation helped you made the decision to stay healthy and become a better you.

Therefore I am going to show you how I train and what I do to stay healthy and fit, but most importantly how do I stay focus and motivated. Why do I believe that motivation and inspiration is the key to achieve your goals.

Join me for  a FREE WORKOUT on Monday September 17th at 7:45pm 

This will be a 45 min workout where you will get an idea on what I do to stay fit and tone. Please note, there is a RSVP list to join this workout. You must put your full name and YES I WANT TO JOIN on the comment box below this BLOG to participate in this class. Remember it is FREE but the only way to join is to follow this simple rule. 

Materials needed: Towel &  yoga mat. Please wear workout clothing and sneakers.

Can wait to make you sweat!!