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Extra Bonus Video

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Extra Bonus Video

Hello There,

I hope you are starting your morning in a very positive way, I can’t believe it is already Thursday, first week back to school for the kids and I am sure you have been super busy trying to adapt to the traffic in the streets and get back on track with everything you have to do.

For me even thought I don’t have kids, it was a very busy week… I am extremely busy preparing for the Miami Bellydance Convention, we started our New Kids Classes and level programs at the studio so that was a lot of teaching  I also finally had my Fitness competition this past weekend and had a great time. I placed third in my division, so I was super excited! 

However, unfortunately I caught the flue this week

Therefore, I wanted to rest and take some days in bed to re-charge my energy so that I can be 100% for the Miami Bellydance Convention next week.  Unfortunately this set me back on my weekly “Instructional Videos” that I have been sending to you, so I wanted to give you an EXTRA BONUS VIDEO to keep you going and not quit on ME!

I am so passionate about putting this videos together to share “MY STORY” with you in hopes that I can inspire you to reach New Goals and get to your Final Destination.

Just think about it…

What would happen if you discovered powerful new models of goal setting?

What if you know the secrets in not allowing your mind to trick you?

Or helped keep your self in a state of consistency?

I just read this from the awesome Mastin of The Daily Love Blog… 

“The main pattern I see – over and over again with many folks is that they don’t have the belief that it is possible to live their dreams; they don’t know what it feels like, and even if they believed and knew what it felt like, they don’t know what action to take in order to make their dreams come true.

The potential, the possibility for living our dreams exists, but many of us just don’t believe it. And that lack of belief stops us dead in our tracks”

Enjoy My Video and Have an Awesome Day