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Learn How to Belly Dance

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Learn How to Belly Dance


Imagine this scenario, you are watching your favorite belly dancer in You Tube, you are dreaming about moving, feeling, and looking like her but you just too shy or busy to make your dream come true…

Let me explain where I’m going with this…

My goal is to help as many students, dance lovers, and dancers achieve their goals with their dancing. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, my new series of videos will help you move, feel, and look like a real belly dancer!

Therefore, every Thursday all subscribers of Dreamsbellydance Academy will receive a FREE teaching video to learn how to belly dance.

Step by step I will give you my teaching technique and tips to get your hips and body feeling fabulous!

Why should you watch it ?

Well, if you are in my mailing list you must know that I have been teaching woman how to belly dance for the past 13 years. Two years ago I opened my own belly dance Academy, graduated tons of students, and continue to do so… but if you want more, I’ve created dancers and teachers that are now living their dance dreams. I am a performer, event organizer, and choreographer myself, but the most important thing of all…. I truly love to teach 

I am sharing this with you so that you can trust my experience as a teacher and professional in this industry.

Writer Chris Cade says: 

Every expert had a teacher first. It seems obvious when you say it, but most people never put two and two together. The fact is, every expert had to have a teacher or influence. The most successful people often have many mentors in their lives.

But like all students, sometimes the students don’t “get” everything the teacher was trying to teach. Sometimes the student tries to become a teacher too soon.

It’s not their fault, they’re truly excited to share what they’ve learned. In fact, sharing knowledge and teaching others is an extremely powerful way to truly understand the inner workings of something.

However, the way some people do it is not always for the best. Many times some key ideas are missed. Ideas and understanding that can only be attained from years of practice and experience.

Now after you watch this video, please  leave a comment in the comment box below telling me which ones are you most frustrating steps to learn  while belly dancing? What makes you nervous or anxious in class? And why you enjoy belly dancing so much? 

Want to hear from you

I truly hope you enjoy my teaching videos