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Dancing the Pain Away

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Dancing the Pain Away

Chris Cade Says: Dancing is a physical expression of the body by showing one’s joy, happiness or of a given emotion. Some dance for money and other dance generally because their emotion is excited.

The question is that, why can’t we dance when we get sad?
The second question derives from the first: CAN DANCING CURE SADNESS?”

There’s no reason why we can’t dance when we’re sad. In fact, if that’s how the body feels compelled to move then I fully encourage it. Whether or not the reason is happy or sad is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the dancing arises from a natural desire for the body and spirit to express themselves. The body has incredible wisdom about how, when, and where it wants to move. If we can pause and be present long enough to listen to our bodies, we’ll discover an incredible amount of wisdom that was previously hidden to us.

As such, dancing absolutely can help us work through difficult emotions. In fact, any authentic experience and expression of ourselves can do this. To piggy-back off my answer to the first question, when we experience and express ourselves fully and authentically, we release whatever energy is stuck within us.

That energy could be “happy” or “sad” energy, as well as every other energy we can experience as human beings. No matter what, the energy wants to be expressed. By expressing it (such as through dancing), you free yourself from the limitations that occur by “holding onto” the stuck energy within yourself. Allowing that process to naturally unfold will allow your inner wisdom to arise.From that wisdom, you’ll naturally take actions that help you transform your more difficult and painful emotions into postive, empowering, pleasurable emotions.

It’s not important what you do… what matters is that you maintain self-awareness while you do it.

Article by Chris Cade~

Hope you enjoy it and hope that you get out of the “stuck energy within yourself” Find the strength and DANCE!!

With Love,

Nathalie –