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Where is Your Dancing Going?

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Where is Your Dancing Going?

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If you are a professional Dancer or a student who is been dancing for a while now, you must be asking yourself the million dollar questions:  Where is your dancing going or what happens Now? 

I have to be honest here, we all feel like that once in a while when we stop growing or simply put: “things become too easy” for us to follow. What I mean by this is that if you are still attending your belly dance classes and the steps are becoming too easy to follow, or don’t feel challenged enough, than it may be the time to ask yourself : Where is your dancing going ? 

I am sure you can relate to this.

I believe that it is ok to try different dance teachers, classes, and studios, because you must see what works for you and what doesn’t. I also believe that once you have taken classes for a long time and that particular class is not providing you with enough material to take you away from “Your comfort Zone” unfortunately your dancing stop growing.

In my Academy I like to provide different levels and classes for students to challenge themselves. I do believe that even if you have been dancing for a while  you must be open minded to new classes and different teachers. You must understand that every studio and teachers are different, therefore you cannot arrive a new class room with the same mind set you had in the previous one. If you come into my studio,  I like to see which level fits you best first. Of course I always base this on the student’s technical abilities. This does not mean a student is good at playing catch up or at following the teacher, this means the student is able to execute  each movement from that particular level in a proper way.

While my Academy provides dance lessons for “Everyone” meaning we can teach you how to dance from the beginning with zero experience in dancing. I also focus on providing enough challenging material in each advanced level to make sure each student is learning and growing.

I believe the some “professional dancers” or “Advanced dancers” stop growing after a while. This is  because there are almost no classes or teachers that provide enough challenging material for this dancers, unless they attend a dance convention or a special workshop.

This is the reasons why I created my level classes and why now I am inclined to do master training session for advanced dancers only. When you are a beginner student with no experience at all and come into my studio, at Dreamsbellydance Academy you must start from level 1. If you come into my studio and you have been dancing for a while with another teacher, we check your technical ability by letting you join any open format class. From there, we usually recommend that you start from a level 2B course to make sure that you can keep up and learn our technique properly. I know that lot of dancers usually think this is not not fair, most dancers or students always want to join the advanced classes right from the start, even if they are playing catch up!

Unfortunately, is this attitude that keeps you from becoming “the dancer you are meant to be”.

As dancers our goals should be to grow, become better technically and improve what we already know so that we CAN achieve our ultimate goals with DANCE. Therefore, a new student in my academy unfortunately cannot jump into a level 4 or 5 right from the start.

WHY? …Once again, because our goal is to help you “GROW” not make you play catch up with us.

So how long does it take to complete all the levels? If you are starting from level 1 it will take you 2 years to finish all of our beginner’s, intermediate, and advanced levels.

So what happens after you finish level 5 ? … Well, this is where my most favorite part of training comes. Now, you are able to take advanced master training sessions with me, and or workshops to keep you moving forward. You can join our teacher’s training certification program, or you can simply become part of the Performance Training Team.

See, the goal is to never stay stuck on the  “I ALREADY KNOW THAT” … Because there is when you stop growing!

Professional dancersyou must feed your body with new information all the time so you are able to continue giving to others, you must do this so that you can continue improving your creativity. You must continue to learn so that you can continue to teach! 

I hope that you continue to grow in your dancing and make sure that you continue to ask the right questions so that you can move towards your goals!

If you have any questions or comments about this topic feel free to leave them in a comment below this blog post.

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