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Number One Belly Dance School in South FL & Online.  We Create Strong dancers Worldwide.

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Step by step ONLINE belly dance personalize instruction program in an easy to follow format! Dancers who want to improve their technique, posture, stage presence, learn to master their steps on the stage, and grow in their dance, will find this program absolutely interesting!

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Welcome to our Academy! If you are considering the possibilities of taking a belly dance class, you are in the RIGHT PAGE!! Here at DreamsBellydance Academy we make dancers one dream at a time.

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Hire a Professional Bellydance Performer or group performance for your event!!
Make your next event a memorable one!
With over 17 years of business experience we assure you that our professional bellydance performers will add excitement, joy and lasting memory to your special event.

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If you are READY to get those NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS into ACTIONS, then you have to check out all of the amazing new belly dance classes. If your goal is to loose weight, get in shape, learn how to DANCE and have FUN, here is your opportunity to do it all in only one hour class!!

Belly Dance for Fitness, Fun, Art, Mind & Spirit!

Benefits of Belly Dance

Belly Dancers aren’t just wiggling and jiggling their hips; they’re getting an Ab Workout that sculpts almost every single muscle in their core — even the hard-to-target, deep transverse abdominals. Belly Dancing has quickly become an extremely popular ab work out, but it also provides a number of exciting benefits beyond just working your abs. First of all, it is a great exercise for your cardiovascular system. You can easily burn 300 calories or more in a single session of Belly Dancing. In addition to burning calories, it also greatly improves your flexibility and your strength (particularly in your hips and waist). It is especially great for pregnant women because it stretches muscles used in childbirth that are rarely targeted with traditional exercises. Due to the dynamic nature of the dancing movements, Belly Dancing is also excellent for toning your legs and thighs (in addition to your abs). Although most of the exercises require abdominal muscles, your legs are used as support, and as a result, they also get an intense workout.

Episode 1- Learn How to Belly Dance.
Learn To Belly Dance Episode 1
Episode 2- Learn How to Belly Dance.
Learn To Belly Dance Episode 2
Episode 3- Learn How to Belly Dance.
Learn To Belly Dance Episode 3
Where is Your Dancing Going?
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NATHALIE BELLY DANCE TV~Shaping the Future of Dance! 

The Secret of Success

Nathalie belly dance TV addresses questions from belly dance students and dancers worldwide. If you have any questions please write to Nathalie at 

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Episode 1: Should my teacher Pay me to Teach HER class?

A very important question in regards of her teacher asking to teach her class. Check it out!

Nathalie Bellydance TV Episode 1
Episode 2: What’s my Next Step in my career?

When we struggle to move forward and find our next step. Check it out!

Nathalie Bellydance TV Episode 2
Episode 3:How much Should I Charge?

Great question from a professional belly dancer! Check out my answer!

Nathalie Bellydance TV Episode 3
Episode 4: Do I Have to Get Certified to Teach?

Do certifications matter in belly dance, and why? Check out my answer! 

Nathalie Bellydance TV Episode 4


Dreamsbellydance Academy is PERFECT for YOU if …
 You are looking to do something FUN but at the same time really learn how to Dance!
 You’re ready to be motivated, and have a positive attitude towards everything your NEW body can do.
 You’re open to improving your physical health and well-being.
 You’re ready and willing to invest time in the most important person in your life, YOU!

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients have to say:

Dreams Belly Dance Academy is where a positive atmosphere is created for students of all the levels to feel supported, nurtured and motivated. I have been going there for over few years now and enjoy every class and performances that we make. Nathalie and Annemarie are great, professional instructors! Truly recommended!

Kristina Benoualid

dreamsbellydance student

The best school in broward !!!
lo recomiendo, exelentes instalaciones, exelente trato, y muy profesionales.

I recommended, exelent place and treatment, very professional.

Laura Perez Alvarado

dreamsbellydance Student

Nathalie is inspirational and is constantly challenging me to be a better dancer every single week. I love her and her style of teaching dance. She always strives to polish her students to their highest potential.

Alicia Villalobos

dreamsbellydance student

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Our Team

Dreamsbellydance training programs have proudly become one of the most elite and exclusive training programs in the industry. Nathalie has been training dancers since 2002 and in this amount of time she has developed the ability to produce quality dancers. We take pride in molding and shaping our students into some of the best working professional dancers and teachers in the business.


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Instructor / Team Principal Dancer

Team Member

Dance TEAM Student

Team Member

Dance TEAM Student

Team Member

Dance TEAM Student

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Dance TEAM Student

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Dance TEAM  Student

Team Member

Dance TEAM Student

Latest News

Here at DreamsBellydance Academy we care about your learning progress. Our dance classes are the perfect way to introduce anyone into the world of dance, fitness, and future performances . We pride ourselves on PROVIDING a low stress, no pressure environment where EVERYONE can have fun and learn how to dance while gaining relationships that will last a lifetime.

Monthly Belly Dance Hafla!

Join Me and the South Florida Belly Dance community as we get together once a month for our famous Belly Dance Hafla!  (Hafla is a small, low-key social gathering centered[…]

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New Workshops & Classes

Every day I ask myself how can I help more people achieve their goals & dreams, and believe it or not pushing to achieve my Dreams makes me want to[…]

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Belly Dance Classes & Events

January Classes & Events.  The Belly-Fit Experience with Nathalie  Beautiful Belly! Dance off the belly Fat in this belly-fit experience class with Nathalie! This class is an amazing way to[…]

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